Competitive advantages

Warehouse rent tariff transparency & steady management
Transparency in the calculation of the total incurred cost. Reasonable tariff setting on a long term basis

Handling Fee Competitiveness
We were able to maximize handing hours by developing at IT management system as well as a rapid internal decision making channel

The accumulated database for our clients is offering itemized6 seasonal6 customer characteristics views and categorizations which are being used for customer service

Flexible Working Hours
Night time or weekend operation

Experienced Full Load Driver and Supervisior
Experienced CENTOS F/L drivers & supervisors are dealing with loading on the truck

Human Power Excellence
No strike has taken place during the last 15 years of Logistics service for over all CENTOS's organizations

Customer Service
CENTOS' optimum target is add its contribution to maximizing our clients' sales increases. Therefore we are ready to accept same day order dispatch and/or arranging loading even when there was no booking in advance

Communication during out of office hours, and Trouble shooting
The communication channel is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Flexibility in additional charge and claim
Customer oriented flexibility in claim handling as well as taking under account our clients' requests

IT system stability
The IT system established & currently provides reliable operations. CENTOS WMS System can easily be connected with our clients' GERP system by EDI