Winsen Germany

Location: Winsen, Germany
Capacity: 42 000 sqm
Container Yard: 125 000 sqm
Trucks quantity: 65 Trucks
Years in Operation: since 1998
Feature: Customs Bonded W/H

CENTOS Central Logistics GmbH in Winsen/Luhe near Hamburg offers professional logistics services like warehouse business, handling of FCL/LCL and other cargo, palletizing and many other services which are requested from our clients. The entire areas of our warehouse building are 24.000 m2. We are using 8.000 m2 with a rack system and in 16.000 m2 the goods are storing on floor by using marked location areas. Our buildings are heated and/or air-conditioned. Besides we have installed up-to-date equipment and computerized warehouse management systems. The whole stocks are highly secured by several safety systems

Centos Central  Logistics  Germany W/H is located  on the outski rts of Hamburg Seaport and Airport which allows us a quick transportation of all sea & Airfreight cargoes. All warehouse buildings including the entire container are registered as a customs bonded warehouse. Due to our long-term experience in customs related-work, and by using online-customs-system  (ATLAS), we provide the most reliable  handling solution for im/export cargo as well as transportation and custom clearance  service.

  • Winsen Germany

    Location: Winsen, Germany; Capacity: 42 000 sqm; Container Yard: 125 000 sqm; Trucks quantity: 65 Trucks
  • Hamina Finland

    Location: Hamina, Finland; Storage Capacity: 20 000 sqm; Depot Capacity: 6 000 TEUs
  • Kiev

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