Hamina Finland

Location: Hamina, Finland Storage Capacity: 20 000 sqm
Depot Capacity: 6 000 TEUs
Years in Operation: since 1999
Features: Identification, scaling and 3D measurements of vehicle and container while in motion through the gate frame; Customs Bonded W/H

CENTOS Central Logistics Finland is operating a large Bonded Warehouse close perimeters with Russian border in South-East Finland near-by Saint Petersburg.
Our strong areas are Russia / CIS countries and Europe. We take care of our clients’ needs during whole transportation chain if requested, including all kind of value adding services.
In case you have any kind of Logistics need, we will take care of that!

From Hamina to Moscow, Russia: 942 km
St.-Petersburg, Russia: 230 km
Kouvola, Finland: 51 km
Vaalimaa, Finland: 35 km
Kotka, Finland: 22 km

  • Winsen Germany

    Location: Winsen, Germany; Capacity: 42 000 sqm; Container Yard: 125 000 sqm; Trucks quantity: 65 Trucks
  • Hamina Finland

    Location: Hamina, Finland; Storage Capacity: 20 000 sqm; Depot Capacity: 6 000 TEUs
  • Kiev

    Location: Ukraine, Kalinovka District, Zhitomerskaya highway, 32 km from Kiev border, 39 km from District road; Storage Capacity: IS 500 sqm
  • Moscow Russia

    Locations: Moscow region Dorokhovo WH; Storage Capacity: 52 000 sqm; Moscow region Krekshino WH; Storage Capacity: 18 000 sqm
  • St.-Petersburg Russia

    Location: p. Shushary, 13.7 km from St.-Petersburg Terminal; Storage Capacity: 3 000 sqm; CY Capacity: 2 200 TEUs